Dogs are People Too!


Dogs Are People Too

The New York Times on Sunday posted a very interesting article regarding research on dog’s brains. This was the first time an MRI was performed on a fully alert dog and the results were very interesting. Although anyone who has been around dogs knows that they do experience emotional reactions and behaviors, this is the first scientific evidence of just how much dogs are like their owners. We would love to see more of this type of research especially around dog dreaming as it’s always looked very clear that dogs are running or chasing things while asleep. Hopefully this will lead to improved treatment by humans of our 4 legged friends.

Read the full article here on the New York Times website.

I can has hotdog?

There definitely needs to be more loldogs. I can has cheezburger has some of the funniest photos, but not enough dogs! So we made one with this cute puppy below. Click for the full image and have a great day!

I can has hotdog?

Important Wellness Infographic

This is definitely not about dogs. We thought this was important enough and the data looks legitimate so we felt compelled to share this amazing infographic. With all the craziness around “Wellness” floating around, the basics are sometimes overlooked. The gist is that with a simple blood test, you can discover a myriad of health issues ranging from thyroid disease, high cholesterol, and increased risk of heart disease. Don’t wait to get a blood test until you think you’re sick! It’s a good idea to have one done each year. Just as you care about the wellness of your pets, don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Click the image below to see the full size infographic and stay healthy!

wellness infographic


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