Beautiful Husky Pictures


Fox Grom is a photographer in Russia who takes amazing photos. Many of them with a winter theme including these stunning photos of his two huskies crossing a frozen lake. Talk about sea and sky! Learn more about these dogs on our Siberian Husky breed page. [Click on the images for the full size photo]

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Dog ball boys!

dog ball boys

Dogs are the best! At the 2015 ASB Classic tennis tournament in Auckland, NZ decided to employ some furry friends as dog ball boys during a friendly match between Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova. Too cute but not sure they want to play with slimy tennis balls!

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Dogs of the World Images

dogs of the world

Artist Lili Chin has created a beautiful series of drawings of every dog breed in the world by region. They are super cute and you can even order prints and other items with her imagery on them. Below we have the Scottish Dog breeds in a click-able map to each of those breeds pages on Dogapedia. We’ve been planning on […]

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Toxic Foods for Dogs


We recently ran across an article on One Green Planet listing five fruits and veggies that you should absolutely never let your dog eat. Several of them are commonly known as being poisonous for canines, but we thought it was important info worth sharing. So after some research, we have created a fairly definitive list of foods that are known […]

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